Monday, February 25, 2013

Oatmeals to Impress

I definitely do not pretend to be the kind of person that understands humans. On the contrary, I find them incredibly perplexing. Like, how can there be an entire population of people who loathe oatmeal? How? How?

Alas, these people exist. I believe most of them simply haven't had it made properly. They think of the crappy instant packets, or the super gummy stuff served in some cafeterias. Here is a round-up of recipes I think are delicious enough to please the pickiest eater, but fun enough to appeal to the most unenthusiastic!

Psst...if you're really having a tough time trying to win over an oatmeal hater, I would also suggest checking out the chocolate recipes!

5. Neapolitan Baked Oatmeal

It beautifully replicates the taste of Neapolitan ice cream, and it's
out of this world. I have a hard time imagining someone not enjoying this one, no
matter how strongly they insist on not liking oatmeal!

Start caramelizing everything, and people will think you're superman. This trick
is actually much easier than you might think, but it adds and luxurious touch
that will make your lucky recipient feel quite loved! You can either use the caramelized
bananas as a topping, mixed into the oatmeal, or both! You could even add chocolate,
as I'm apt to doing. Frequently.

3. Banana Split Oatmeal

Proof that presentation is everything. The assembly is a bit time-consuming, but
how could you not find this appealing? It looks like straight-up
dessert, but it's incredibly healthy! There's not one ounce of ice cream,
sugar, or hot fudge in this banana split.

Obviously. I swear, this oatmeal makes EVERY list. It's so decadent!

A personal favorite, as well as a reader favorite. I can't see how
ANYONE could turn their nose up at this! As long as your recipient isn't a misguided
cookie-hater, you will earn major props for this one.

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