Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oatmeal Recipes for Autumn Lovers

I can take a hint. When I asked for what ingredients you'd like to see more of in my recipes, the resounding opinion was simply everything autumn. I couldn't agree more, which is why I've been pumping out all sorts of hearty, autumn goodness. Summer food is delicious, but when the temperature starts dropping slightly and everyone breaks out their best pair of boots, delving into a bowl of cozy porridge is truly perfection. This is the time of year when the "seasonal porridge lovers" join us crazies who eat it year-round. For once, everyone's in agreement, and we can all share our love of hot, creamy, pumpkin-themed oatmeal. :)

Here are my favorite and/or most popular autumn-themed oatmeal recipes. Plus, since everyone lurrrrves my autumn recipes, I capped myself off at ten recipes instead of five. (And yes, there will be pumpkin.)

I didn't know what to expect the first time I put sweet potato
in oatmeal, but this was my first experiment, and I'd say it turned out
pretty swell!

The stove-top version is pretty stellar, too, but there is something
about this baked style that really nails the comforting experience of eating
a slice of my grandma's apple pie.

My pumpkin pie recipes are a reader-favorite. If steel-cut isn't your
thing, try the baked, overnight, or stove-top version.

Apple Spice Oatcakes

Because some days are pancake days.

The first time I made this, I almost died. My taste buds
could barely handle the incredible blend of flavors. I would
recommend this to even the strongest hater of oatmeal.

I refuse to drink any sugary Starbucks or Dunkin' version of this concoction,
but I'll certainly enjoy the healthy oatmeal version!

Apples and sweet potatoes both blend well with the same earthy spices,
so why not combine them?

This baked bowl of glory may not be explicitly fall, but what is more
cozy and comforting than a baked oatmeal WITH PEANUT BUTTER?
Y'all know I had to get peanut butter in here somehow.

I highly, highly, highly recommend using homemade applesauce! It
doesn't have to be a complicated process; I made mine in the microwave
in under five minutes!

Pepitas. Raisins. Apples. Pecans. Cranberries. Y'know, all those fall-ish things.

**You can also find hundreds of other oatmeal recipes (as well as tons of other meatless recipes) on my Pinterest account!  You can also like The Oatmeal Artist on Facebook. Thanks!


  1. I would be really interested in trying a chestnut recipe!

    1. I have used chestnut puree in my oatmeal with great success! It is delicious!!!

  2. Thank you! You have me all excited about trying the "Salted Maple, Apple and Pecan" oatmeal!
    Emily J.

  3. Holy yum! So much oatmeal goodness. Thanks for putting this together!

  4. OHMYGOSH everything looks so freaking amazing. The only problem now is trying to narrow down what to try this weekend... Hmm...

    - Juliana

  5. These are awesome ideas! I've been putting pumpkin and peanut butter in my oatmeal which is fantastic too!


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