Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oatmeal Recipes for Cranberry Lovers!

When I tried to think of an appropriate round-up for this month, I struggled. My mind is so autumn-themed that it's hard to think beyond that. Pumpkin? Overdone. Apple? Boring. That's when I thought of cranberries. Truthfully, I've only used dried cranberries, but I hope to change that soon. I'd like to experiment with fresh cranberries in my oats!

Until then, here are five oatmeal recipes that include dried cranberries.

And don't can top
your oatmeal with cranberry sauce!

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  1. This crockpot orange-cranberry recipe uses fresh cranberries and is a great starter recipe to try them.

    I made it for my blog and totally loved it.

  2. Excellent! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I had some frozen fresh cranberries I wanted to use up a little while ago, so--inspired by your zucchini bread baked oatmeal--I made a baked apple-cranberry oatmeal by subbing 1/2 cup of grated apple for the zucchini and then mixed in a handful of fresh (frozen) cranberries, cutting the really large ones in half. SO good! And depending on the sweetness of the apple, you may not even need the maple syrup.


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