Saturday, March 15, 2014

Oatmeal Recipes for St. Patrick's Day!

As I said earlier this week, I'm slightly offended by the American celebration of St. Patrick's Day. It's like a giant caricature of Irish culture.

That being said, there is a legitimate history behind the color green for St. Patrick's Day. I turned to Wikipedia, holder of all truth and authenticity, to explain:
Originally, the colour associated with Saint Patrick was blue. Over the years the colour green and its association with Saint Patrick's Day grew.[13] Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn in celebration of St Patrick's Day as early as the 17th century.[14] Saint Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant, to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish, and the ubiquitous wearing and display of shamrocks and shamrock-inspired designs has become a feature of the day.[15][16] In the 1798 rebellion, to make a political statement, Irish soldiers wore full green uniforms on 17 March in hopes of catching public attention.[13] The phrase "the wearing of the green", meaning to wear a shamrock on one's clothing, derives from a song of the same name.
(Isn't Wikipedia great?)

In honor of my favorite country everrrrrr, here are five oatmeal recipes to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Some are green; some are not. ;)

Oatmeal Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

During my short but cherished time in Ireland, I'm fairly certain I ate soda bread
at least two meals a day. Breakfast? Always. Lunch? Usually. Dinner? Always.
It is THE BEST. I wasn't sure how this oatmeal would turn out, but it actually worked,
and the readers who have tried it all liked it, too! I consider this recipe a
huge accomplishment of mine. :)

In addition to eating soda bread every morning, I also had muesli. Europe has
some fantastic muesli that's way better than anything I've had in the States. As a result,
I've learned to just make my own. It's WAY better than anything you can buy in stores!

Essentially, you can take any recipe and make it a green one. :) I like to add
greens to my recipes that are otherwise lacking in nutrition. This baked oatmeal
does not contain any fruit, so I compensated with spinach!

If you like peanut butter and banana in your oatmeal, this green monster recipe
is for you! It's inspired by my favorite green smoothie (banana, peanut butter,
spinach, cinnamon).

McDonald's is the worst and their food is made of Satan's toe nails (allegedly). Skip
the drive-through and get your shamrock fix the healthier way. :)

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  1. Green monster oatmeal is such a clever invention! I have never seen it anywhere else before. For something savory, I recommend my vegetarian (could be vegan) Shamrock tostadas: . Not Irish, but cute and festive nonetheless!


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